Heartstrings (2012 TV series)

Airing Date

April 6,2012-May 25,2012

Total Episode





Musical, Drama, Romance

Opening Theme

Heartstrings by Isaac Gibson and Yuri Yamamoto

Ending Theme

Broken Heart by Isabelle Curtis and Miguel Orleans

The story revolves around a girl named Anya (Yuri Yamamoto) who went to Manila to visit her grandpa Christopher (Frederick Martinez) who is a famous pianist and eventually incouraging Anya to study playing the piano as well. Anya ended up staying in Manila for a while since her parents had told her to take care of her grandpa and finish her studies in Manila, So Anya went to Makati University where her grandpa went before and also the place where she met Jake Medina (Isaac Gibson) a rude, smart, and cool looking boy who is the leader of the band named Zombie.


  • Isaac Gibson as Jake Medina
  • Yuri Yamamoto as Anya Alvarez
  • Michael Suzuki as Jeremy Silva
  • Kayla Yamamoto as Yvette Munoz
  • Isabella Curtis as Bianca Navarro
  • Miguel Orleans as Jonas Coronel
  • Ethan Uena as Carlo Vargas
  • Lucia Smith as Sharry Mendoza

Supporting Cast

  • Samuel dela Torre as Enrico Pangilinan
  • David Alcaras as Marvin Agustin
  • Erick Isidro as Henry Salazar
  • Frederick Martinez as Christopher Alvarez
  • Carlos Geronimo as Elias Medina
  • Camille Santos as Alena Medina
  • Belle London as KC Medina

Guest Cast

  • Joshua Anderson as Young Jake
  • Lorraine Rivera as Young Anya

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