My Angel (TV series)Edit

My Angel (TV series)

Airing Date

October 3,2011-November 11,2011

Total Episodes




Theme Song

My Angel by Kim Park

Preceeded By

Rocking Love (TV series)

Main Cast

  • Kim Park as Kim Hye Yeong/Genie Kim
  • Ethan Uena as Steven "Steve" Diones
  • Sylvia Angeles as Angela Montemayor
  • Sonny Isidro as George Alvarez

Supporting Cast

  • Kris Chanders as Rocky San Miguel
  • Henry Liu as Kim Hyun Jeong
  • Lorena Uy as Valerie Kim
  • Renato Russo as Geoffrey Alvarez
  • Tricia Smith as Olivia Montemayor
  • Alyson Peralta as Sophia San Miguel
  • Rachel Bay as Christine Lopez

Guest Cast

  • Corazon Enriquez as Kim Haneul
  • Yuson Javier as Yuson
  • Hamilton Javier as Hamilton
  • Gabriel Anderson as David Diones
  • Elsa Garcia as Noemi Diones
  • Sarah Lee as Young Kim Hye Yeong/Genie
  • Brian Gomez as Steven "Steve"
  • Yna Madison as Young Angela
  • Kristopher Garcia as Young George

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