My Heart Presents My Secret Crush

Airing Date

October 10,2011-December 9,2011

Total Episode


Followed by

My Heart Presents You Belong With Me





  • Alex Saijo as Erick Angeles
  • Belle Chang as Angela Chang
  • Flora Banks as Jody Flores
  • Ethan Uena as Mark Reyes

Supporting Cast

  • Isaac Gibson as Mars de Leon
  • Francesca Garcia as Jessie Krauss
  • Natasha Kozlowski as Rachelle Olinares
  • Aoi Matusura as Aileen Yamamoto
  • Bea Etzel as Fatima Isidro
  • Vanilla Wilson as Daisy Alegre
  • Regina Angeles as Vanessa Cruz
  • Michael Watson as Uno Lazaro
  • Christian Kim as Gabriel Kim
  • Yna Yamase as Catherine Santos/ Mrs. Santos

Guest Cast

  • Krystal Liu as Young Angela

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